Marshal Varuz and Major West take their leave of a hopping mad Jezal dan Luthar, and for now I’m sorry to say we’ll have to do the same.  The existing four issues – ninety pages – will be staying live here on the site, but for the time being there’ll be no new pages going up.  My apologies to those who’ve been following along.  I hope we’ll be able to pick up again in due course, but until then the safety curtain drifts down, and we have an intermission…


Second thoughts

Jezal being taken to task yet again by Varuz here…and his internal monologue clearly showing he’s now seriously smitten with Collum West’s sister, Ardee.

Self doubt starting to creep in.  He didn’t know how tough of a road he had ahead of him when he agreed to be in the competition, and the realization that he might be in over his head dawning on him.  His good looks and charm, which he relies on so much, are not going to make him any better of a swordsman.

And if he were to bail, would he lose Ardee as well?  You can feel the angst growing…



The beam

Back to the Union’s most self-obsessed young hopeful, Jezal dan Luthar, and Varuz has him working on the beam today, testing out that footwork.  The results are not happy.  Again a change in the colour palette, and again Andie uses the jagged panels to get a sense of action into the page.  It’s a beautiful stance Varuz has in that first big panel, one boot dangling from the beam, in total control, and a nice contrast between Varuz’ face as he parries in the second panel, entirely composed, and Jezal’s panic in the third shortly before he’s swept from the beam…